Introduction to Woodside – The Stair Specialists

Woodside is a family-run business with a long history of creating bespoke staircases. Our products are made by skilled craftsmen, who use their expertise and attention to detail to design, manufacture and fit them. At Woodside, we pride ourselves on blending knowledge & skill with a passion to craft exceptional staircases that become the centrepiece of any home. Our services are offered UK-wide and our range of finishes offers a customised and stylish way to bring your home alive

Knowledge, Skill and Passion

Home design is often about creating a unique character and adding architectural features that stand out. A staircase is one of the best architectural features you can have – from grand sweeping styles to minimalist spirals, it will become the focal point of your home.

Woodside recognizes that each staircase is unique, and so they provide personalized care to their customers looking for excellence. We take pride in offering the best solutions which are tailored to customer’s exact needs. We offer a comprehensive package tailored to your requirements – from designing, to manufacturing, installation & polishing. During the design we will work with you to design YOUR perfect staircase and will produce a 3D CAD image to enable you to visualise the final product. Our decades of experience give you the confidence & assurance that you will receive quality workmanship throughout the entire process.

Your staircase is the heart of your home

Woodside offers a nearly limitless selection of staircases that can be customized to fit any style or space. Whether it’s modern, classic, or something custom, we have the resources to create a design that makes an impact and adds the perfect finishing touch to your home. You can opt for traditional designs that are made using the best seasoned timber to add a classic touch to your home or you could go for contemporary designs that include stainless steel and glass components to achieve an amazing modern look. Our experts understand the importance of personalization and they strive to achieve the exact finish that customers ask for. They accompany them from inception to completion, resulting in tailor-made designs for staircases.